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Style and Layout

For the style and layout assignment you will produce a prototype page for your website. This will guide the design of your website. First provide a single, fully designed page with real content, as follows:

Report content

In a 2-3 page document, describe and show:

  • 2-3 double-spaced pages that concisely present your rationale for your design, content, and site layout.
  • Describe characterisitcs such as the main site organization, page layout, font choices, font stack choice, graphics use, page width, color scheme, document titles, image alt text, file naming conventions and other design factors we have read about and discussed in class.
  • Explain why you’ve made the design choices you’ve made.
  • You must include specific references to lecture and the readings, particularly how you applied these principles, or present your rationale for deviating from them.