CSU Ram's Head

Weekly Schedule

Class schedule will be developed during the course of the semester. I will keep the schedule 1-2 weeks in advance of the current class.

Week 1
Date Assignment due Activities

Jan 18

No class. University holiday.

Jan 20 (Remote)

First day of class

Course introduction.

Take student survey

Project ideas assignment.

Week 2
Date Assignment due Activities

Jan 25 (Remote)

Turn in two project ideas.

Read Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

Read HTML Naming Conventions and File Management

Read What Structure Should Your Website Have?

View Definitions & file management lecture.

View and work along with HTML review lecture.

Install Brackets/Filezilla

Jan 27 (Lab)

Tool: Blank HTML5 Page

Reference: Emmet - the Essential Toolkit for Web Developers

Reference: Publishing Settings

Review project ideas

View File/Directory Organization & Publishing lecture

View Brackets & HTML5 Doctype lecture

HTML Group Exercise

Week 3
Date Assignment due Activities

Feb 1 (Remote)

Read Image Types and Usage in Web Design

View Digital Imaging & Photoshop Basics lecture

Feb 3 (Lab)

Complete Photoshop/Imaging Exercise #1.

Week 4
Date Assignment due Activities

Feb 8 (Remote)

Read Learn CSS Today The Easy Way

Read Standardizing CSS class and id names

View Simple 1-Column CSS Layout.

Reference: CSS Box Model

Right click to save CSS example file into your /exercises folder.

View CSS Lecture and Exercise

Feb 10 (Lab)

Complete Layout Exercise #1 using Layout Exercise #1 Video.

Review and catch-up day.

Week 5
Date Assignment due Activities

Feb 15 (Remote)

No class today. CSU cancelled all classes.

Feb 17 (Lab)

Read Understanding Your Web Audience

View Audience Analysis lecture

Complete Layout Exercise #2

Week 6
Date Assignment due Activities

Feb 22 (Remote)

Read Myth #1: People read on the web

Read Why Web Users Scan Instead of Reading

Read How to Create Web Content That Works.

Review 2-column example

Reference: main HTML tag

Reference: Aside HTML tag

Reference: Flex Cheatsheet

Reference: : Styling lists

Right click two columns example HTML page (two-columns.html) and save into /exercises.

Right click two columns example CSS page (two-columns-example.css) and save into /exercises/css.

View and work along with Two Columns Example video.

Feb 24 (Lab)

Turn in Web site proposal and user analysis.

Complete Layout Exercise #3

Week 7
Date Assignment due Activities

Mar 1 (Remote)

Read A Comprehensive Guide to Typography Basics

Reference: CSS Centering

Reference: CSS Font Stack

Reference: Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.

Optional: Better CSS Font Stacks

Optional: Slash Page Load Times with CSS Font Subsetting

View Typography Lecture.

Optional: Watch Helvetica (requires free Kanopy account registration).

Demonstration: How to Use Google Fonts Video

CSS: CSS Centering Video

CSS: Background Images Video

(Optional files: Right-click to save Backgrounds Example Page (backgrounds.html) to /exercises and Backgrounds CSS file (backgrounds.css) to /css)

Mar 3 (Lab)

Turn in Preliminary Content (due Friday, Mar 4)

Complete Layout Exercise #4.

Week 8
Date Assignment due Activities

Mar 8 (Remote)

Three-column CSS layout

Optional (but fun): Read The reason every meme uses that one font

Sample Files:

Right-click over link to save 3columns.html into your /exercises folder.

Right-click over link to save 3columns-example.css into your /exercises/css folder.

View Three-Column Layout video.

Photoshop: Watch Kerning/Tracking, PNG-24, Free Transform, Crop Tool Preset video.

CSS: View Setting Images to Display Block video

Begin Exercise #5.

Mar 10 (Lab)

Finish Exercise #5.