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JTC 372

Web Design and Management

Setting up a site in Dreamweaver


Here are sample settings for creating an exercises site in Dreamweaver. Replace my last name with yours in the following examples.

To create a new site, first select from top menu:

Site > New Site

Setting site name and root diirectory


Note: Your jtc372 folder may be on a different drive. Just use the folder icon to find our exercises folder, and let Dreamweaver write the correct value.

To set up publishing, chose Servers from the left menu.

Server setup


  1. Most of you have a hosting account on my server with URL lastname.jtc372.net, and id lastname. If we had to assign a different URL and id, you'll need to adjust accordingly.Please save your password somewhere safe.
  2. Changes effective April 2017: Connect using SFTP, and specify Port 21098.
  3. This is set up to publish contents of local folder E:\jtc372\exercises into public_html/exercises on the server. When you move to your project, the addresses will be E:\jtc372\project and public_html/project