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JTC 372

Web Design and Management


Phone policy. Cell phones are to be silenced and put away during lecture.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. There is a very strong correlation between attendance and project grades, since this is a lab course and the vast majority of the material you need to know and the techniques you need to develop in order to complete your project will be covered in class. If you miss class more than twice or you are habitually late, it will be reflected in your final grade. If you work efficiently, you should be able to develop your project and complete your reports in the lab time given. Any extra time you have in the lab should be devoted to development of your project.

Readings: It is required that you read the assignments as the class exercises will reinforce the concepts required in the readings. Your reports will require that you address the concepts presented in the readings and your project will be evaluated based on the principles in the readings. Additionally, concepts discussed in the readings will be covered on the test.

Class behavior: Web surfing, texting and checking email during class is also not acceptable. Discussion of relevant subject matter during lab time is acceptable, but please keep conversations to a minimum. Lab time is to be devoted toward exercises and your project.

Honor Pledge: The course will adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy of the Colorado State University General Catalog and the Student Conduct Code.